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Thank you for a great 2020-21 Season. We will probably never forget it. It was a team effort and together we were able to keep youth basketball players on the court for most of the season. Congrats to everyone involved. 

The MYAS staff and the MYBA Basketball Board of Advisors are working to provide an even better experience for the 2021-22 season.

Thank you for your time and dedication to youth basketball.

Enhancing the Community-Based Winter Basketball Experience

By the Associations, for the Associations

What is the MYBA?
The MYBA is a collaborative effort between the MYAS, the MYAS Basketball Board of Advisors, and travel basketball leaders from around the state working together to enhance community-based youth basketball during the winter season.

How does my association join the MYBA?
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  • Associations must adhere to the Best Practices for youth basketball organizations,  Team Composition Guidelines.
  • Currently, the MYBA is for travel and school teams only. 
  • Membership is an annual fee based on how many teams are in your association or school.  

Why should my youth basketball association join the MYBA?

  • It is our goal to have EVERY association throughout the state of Minnesota, proudly join the MYBA, so we’ve added additional benefits of joining in the inaugural year very impactful.
  • MYBA member associations will receive a FREE tournament listing on our Tournament Index. This is a savings of $75 per tournament compared to previous years' listing fees. Non-MYBA members will not be able to list their tournament on the Tournament Index.
  • MYBA members will receive a significant per-team discount through the MYBA Brackets tournament bracketing platform. 
  • MYBA members will have tourney results through MYBA Brackets automatically uploaded to the Trusted Rankings platform. This will not only save coaches and associations the time and effort to enter scores, but it will also greatly enhance the accuracy of game reporting across the state. The goal is to eliminate in-person seeding meetings for the MYAS Grade State Championships.
  • Only MYBA members can compete in the MYAS Grade State Championships.
The MYBA will foster the 5 C's for the entire Minnesota youth basketball community!
  1. Compliance of Best Practices, Eligibility & Team Composition 
  2. Communication to the entire youth basketball community 
  3. Connectivity with the entire Minnesota youth basketball community
  4. Consistency in team identification, tournament software and a central clearinghouse for Trusted Tournaments
  5. Concise results from all MYBA tournaments that will be made available in Trusted Rankings
What are additional benefits of the MYBA?
Unified Voice
  • One group working together to enhance community-based basketball
  • A consistent portal for communication to each and every association
  • Consistency in eligibility, rules, regulations, and team identification across the state
  • Associations will agree to follow the MYBA Best Practices to ensure that they are operating as they should
  • Protect community-based basketball during the winter season
MYBA Trusted Tournaments
  • Only MYBA members can advertise their tournament(s) and coach wanted ads on the MYAS website
  • It connects hundreds of association tournaments into the MYBA network.
  • Tournament results feed directly into Trusted Rankings.
  • MYBA members will ensure that the teams participating in their tournaments meet the MYBA Team Composition Guidelines.
  • MYBA members will receive a significant per-team discount through the MYBA Brackets tournament bracketing platform. 
Consistency in Data Through the MYBA and Trusted Rankings
  • It will include a complete list of associations (and their teams) that adhere to the MYBA guidelines.
  • Team Identification will be improved.
  • Trusted Rankings will have more data than in previous years.
  • Trusted Rankings data will be more accurate than in previous years.
  • Trusted Rankings may eliminate the need to hold Grade State Seeding Meetings. 
  • Trusted Rankings will also assist tournament directors in setting up competitive match-ups for their tournament brackets. 
Youth Sports Done Right