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From Dawson's Desk : Reflects on Technological Advances and How MYAS Adjusts and Adapts

When I started at the MYAS in 1999, prior to us having a website, I remember using Word Perfect (which was the precursor to Microsoft Word) to create brackets for the youth baseball tournaments and literally using a ruler to complete the lines manually.

Then we would print them and send everybody's schedules in the mail. At that time, we had hundreds of teams playing in our state events. We also sent out brochures with maps of all the fields.

Think about that.

A team of four or five of us handled all that.

When we finally launched our initial version of GameMaker in 2001, it provided so much efficiency for our organization. Then in 2011, it got even better.

But for us as an organization, we're at a crossroads because we've worked with a developer on GameMaker, which we use for event management and our database. We've created things such as online seeding, and league scheduling, eliminating the need for us to gather in huge ballrooms to go over game times and locations or determine seeds for our Grade State Championships.

It's all done online and at the tip of your fingertips.

But there are so many entities competing in youth sports today, and there are still some things that we want to maintain because of what we were able to create custom for what our purpose was and how we do business, or how we conduct our programs and services. And right now, we're trying to figure out what direction we're heading.

We're also in the process of having a rebrand of MYAS.org, where we are going to utilize the Sports Engine technology and have that as our front-end facing content management system. That will make it easier for everybody to navigate because they'll be familiar with Sports Engine, having used it. We also want to make it just easier for people to get the information they want, or to be able to find stuff that may interest them on our site.

As an organization, we have made the determination that we are the experts when it comes to youth sports administration, but we need to collaborate and work directly with those that are experts within the technology that can be used. We can still have ideas and work with people to help integrate into a system that is going to be very efficient for the end user, but we want to focus some of the funding that has been used on our custom database and event management to other parts of our organization and to fulfill our organizations mission through our Foundation account.

Because innovation is happening so quickly!

We're working with Register Play, a platform that has been developed to make it easier for teams to collect registrations fees, so one person doesn't have to put it all on their personal credit card. Because that can get very, very difficult.

It's an exciting time. That's for sure!

MYAS Executive Director
MYAS Executive Director
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