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From Dawson's Desk : Perspective During Transition from Fall to Winter Sports

As fall sports conclude and winter sports commence, we hosted the Minnesota Youth Basketball Alliance (MYBA) Coaches’ Clinic. an October 15 educational opportunity that saw representation from 24 youth basketball associations and a total of 131 coaches in attendance.

Mark Arjes, founder of Youth 1st and a strategic partner of the MYAS, powerfully illustrated his point to everyone. He began with an onscreen image and slowly started to zoom out. I can't imagine anyone would guess from the first image, but in the second you discover it's the comb of a rooster. But that wasn’t even the full picture. In fact, there ended up being 31 different pictures, with a microscopic image of Earth.

Mark's point: If you zoom in and you are hyper-focused on wins and losses and results, you're going to lose perspective on everything else going on in youth sports

I think it's fair to say that many people have lost perspective, and one of the serious consequences is a dwindling number of sports officials.

At the MYAS, we want to do our part in emphasizing the positives, outlining expectations, and encouraging people to recognize their roles, while highlighting good behavior and positive sportsmanship.

We need to reemphasize to parents, spectators, and coaches what their role is so they realize the impact their actions and words have on the youth – as we all strive to help and positively shape.

The price of inaction is simply too high. If we don't improve things together, then we'll all endure more negative consequences.

Overall, communication is essential. We also want to ensure teams are very clear on the rules for each tournament and the expectations of the host. The MYAS administers some key winter basketball events, but most winter community-based travel basketball tournaments are hosted as fundraisers and directly administered by nearly 100 MYBA member associations.

Together, as a Minnesota youth basketball community, we must take the questions and conflict out of the tournament format by standardizing rules, proactively addressing question marks, setting expectations, and having open communication before anyone steps onto a court.

MYAS Executive Director
MYAS Executive Director
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