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Frequently Asked Questions


What is special about the MYAS Rising Stars Basketball Academy?

  • Each session is capped so that we maximize our time with each participant and minimize the opportunity for stagnant, stand around time.
  • Our progressive basketball curriculum will challenge each athlete's mental and physical capacities by combining high-level performance training based on sports science of functional movement with fundamental basketball drills and exercises.


What is the camper to staff ratio at the MYAS Rising Stars Basketball Academy?

  • The ideal camper to staff ratio is 10:1 or less. This is our goal.


Can I watch my athlete participate?

  • You are welcome to attend any session of camp where there is room for observation. Keep in mind we will have parent educational workshops available at no additional cost and we strongly encourage you to attend those at the designated times.

Tips for optimal success at camp?

  • Bring some flip flops to air out your feet during breaks
  • Bring an extra shirt (or two) and an additional pair of socks to avoid blisters
  • Rather than snacking on chips, pretzels, or candy, choose jerky, dried fruit or bananas, or energy bars that are high in protein and low in sugar


What happens if my child is injured or sick during camp?

  • There will be athletic training staff from the Institute of Athletic Medicine on duty for the duration of the camp to care for minor injuries and illness. Parents or guardians will be contacted immediately if there is a serious injury or a child needs to leave camp early for a medical reason. Please make a notation on the medical portion of your registration if there is any medical condition we should be aware of in advance of the camper’s attendance. An athletic trainer will be available for questions on the first day of each camp and throughout the camp.


How do I know I have successfully registered for sessions?

  • A confirmation email will be sent to you immediately following registration. If you haven’t received a confirmation email, please email Clarence Fields at clarence@myas.org. All correspondence will be sent to this email as well.


Can campers explore the campus?

  • Campers should not leave the general area of the facility where sessions are held

If you have any further questions, please contact Clarence Fields at clarence@myas.org!

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